My Houses

ESO Housing

ESO houses, that is. I still don’t have even a single house out here in the real world. At least I can pretend in the game…

I have a ton of ESO houses. Got ’em over the last year with a combination of crowns (aka real money) and in-game gold. There was one day I remember quite gleefully, when I had a¬†huge quantity of gold for some reason, and I ran around buying at least half a dozen houses… ūüôā That was fun! But now I’m trying to furnish them all, so I’m totally broke in game, just like real life.

List of my current houses, in alphabetical order. Pics are taken from the entrance, except for one. I’m afraid there are an awful lot of images with my bear’s butt in them. He kept jumping in front of the camera.

Alinor Crest Townhouse 20200105141327_1

20200105141427_1¬†Autumn’s Gate

Barbed Hook Private Room 20200105141628_1 (from the windows, not the door)

20200105141719_1¬†Captain Margaux’s Place

Daggerfall Overlook 20200105141820_1 (And yes, the storage area is, in fact, full of trees sticking through the roof. I dropped them there to await planting.)

20200105141922_1 Enchanted Snow Globe Home

Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret 20200105142012_1

20200105142118_1 Golden Gryphon Garret

Grand Psijic Villa 20200105142335_1

20200105142453_1 Hall of the Lunar Champion

Hammerdeath Bungalow 20200105142548_1

20200105142939_1 Linchal Grand Manor

Lucky Cat Landing 20200105143526_1

20200105143652_1¬†Mara’s Kiss Public House

Moonmirth House 20200106101230_1

20200106101403_1¬†Potentate’s Retreat

Saint Delyn Penthouse 20200105144105_1

20200105143755_1 Sisters of the Sands Apartment

Sugar Bowl Suite 20200105143907_1

20200105144002_1 The Ebony Flask Inn Room

The Rosy Lion 20200105144247_1

20200105144445_1 Twin Arches

That last one was the first house I bought. My original intention was to only use the free inn room, which was the Golden Gryphon Garret for me, because I started playiong in Summerset. I bought the place furnished, because I figured I wouldn’t have much interest in ESO housing. It’s not like Skyrim, after all. You can’t do half as much.

But… it didn’t work out like that. I eventually wanted the Grand Psijic Villa so bad I broke down and bought it, then the Hall of the Lunar Champion came free with Elsweyr, and now look what happened. Houses, houses, everywhere houses!