Plant City


I love plants. I have always had tons of houseplants, whether my own or in my family’s home. I’ve wanted a real house with a real yard for ages now, so I could have a garden.

Unfortunately, not going to happen any time soon. But I’ve been watching the show Gardener’s World, and it kind of rubbed my nose in how silly I’m being. My thought was that gardens happen in yards, and I can’t have one because I don’t have a yard. But watching the show pointed out that gardens can be indoors also. And the people on the show make me feel rather embarrassed by my assumption that I can’t have a garden. These people don’t say “I can’t” to anything. Rather, they say “I have an apartment the size of a shoebox. How can I make a garden?”

So… I’m trying to make my houseplants into a cool garden. They’re a big, disorganized mess, shoved into a small space by the window, trying to survive on whatever random care I happen to remember to give them. Not really a good situation.

My very first attempt at doing something was to run out to Wal-mart, evil though it is, and pick up a cheap hanging rack. I’ve seen several “living walls” on the show now. It’s pretty obvious that the ones on the show have been well cared for and are well-established. But, everyone’s got to start somewhere. So I stuck some pothos in a cardboard box (yes, that’s right, I kind of forgot that the hanging rack didn’t have any kind of base,” and strung up some yarn for the vines to hang on to.

I took this pic about a week after moving the babies onto the rack. They already look happier.

Then November happened. Which, of course, means I wound up working every day until Thanksgiving, because of holiday rush and van breakdowns. 😦 I made it, though, because I knew there were four days off coming up. Two of those days got devoted to cleaning and rearranging the living room, because guess what, someone gave me a big monster of a plant, and that required me getting off my lazy ass and actually doing something about the plant situation, instead of just thinking about it and envying others their cool indoor gardens.

This is the honking big plant-monster in its old home.

Yes, it is in fact bursting out of its pot. The cats approved of the new arrival, which required a whole lot of swearing to get into my little apartment.

So I got busy, which turned my “Thanksgiving break” into some serious butt-busting cleaning and rearranging effort. Moved the couch, the stuff on the wall, and pretty much everything. Put up shelves. Cussed the fact that my new computer chair was scheduled to arrive the day I went back to work. Cussed some more because I finally got some days off and all I did was work

Yes, I connected my computer to the tv I got for Christmas last year. Now Tamriel is pretty nearly life-sized! And that big light-tree is full of full-spectrum grow bulbs to keep the plants happy. Who knows? Maybe in a few months, all the babies will be huge, and happy, and look like a real indoor garden! I can hope, anyway…


Big rubber tree wasn’t working where I stuffed it, so I tried again. This feels better, think it’ll work now.

ESO Housing: Incomplete Houses Galore!

ESO Housing

So I took a look at my list of houses today, and have come to the conclusion that I have enough houses in ESO to keep me busy for the rest of my natural life. Or at least it feels that way. There are forty-eight of the little bastards. They come in all sizes, from too small to hold a king size bed, all the way to holy shit, I got lost again! size. Bought with crowns, bought with in-game gold, a couple here or there received for free… and all of ’em sitting there accusing me of neglect. Because there just aren’t all that many of the suckers that are considered finished. Some are completely empty, a few have piles of furnishings heaped awkwardly wherever they happened to fall, and a very few of them are actually complete.

So, since this is NaNoWriMo and I’m supposed to be writing, I thought I’d do a blog post. Posts are made of words, words go towards the word count, right? Er, not really. So I’ll do something in between: Write a bit to get my hands into writing mode, put up a few pics, then get back to my NaNo project.

How about an inn room? This is the Pilgrim’s Rest, all dressed up for a Fall Harvest themed contest. It came in third, which totally surprised me, because I’m pretty lousy at the decorating thing compared to some people.