Thieves’ Oasis

ESO Housing

One of my guilds had a housing tour that happened to coincide with a random day off, so I actually got my butt in gear and finished my Thieves’ Oasis. This is the one and only big expensive ESO house that I don’t feel vaguely guilty about, because even though it’s perfectly true that it’s silly to spend big bucks on a digital home in a video game, I don’t care. I love this place! It is the absolutely most awesome home I could ever possibly imagine.

Anyway, I got the decorating job done, and took a bunch of pictures. The house is a shared home for my five current characters, with a guest bed for any new additions. I have two healers, two fighters, and one adventurer. Here they are:

Their names are Callisto Dawn, Serene Wind, Sweet Sunflower, Nythorse the Wylde, and Shorty McCorkle. Please don’t judge until you’ve had to name characters in ESO. 🙂

And here are the finished pictures of my lovely Oasis! Nothing special, it’s not got any kind of theme or anything, it’s just a sanctuary from the heat of the desert.