ESO Housing: Incomplete Houses Galore!

ESO Housing

So I took a look at my list of houses today, and have come to the conclusion that I have enough houses in ESO to keep me busy for the rest of my natural life. Or at least it feels that way. There are forty-eight of the little bastards. They come in all sizes, from too small to hold a king size bed, all the way to holy shit, I got lost again! size. Bought with crowns, bought with in-game gold, a couple here or there received for free… and all of ’em sitting there accusing me of neglect. Because there just aren’t all that many of the suckers that are considered finished. Some are completely empty, a few have piles of furnishings heaped awkwardly wherever they happened to fall, and a very few of them are actually complete.

So, since this is NaNoWriMo and I’m supposed to be writing, I thought I’d do a blog post. Posts are made of words, words go towards the word count, right? Er, not really. So I’ll do something in between: Write a bit to get my hands into writing mode, put up a few pics, then get back to my NaNo project.

How about an inn room? This is the Pilgrim’s Rest, all dressed up for a Fall Harvest themed contest. It came in third, which totally surprised me, because I’m pretty lousy at the decorating thing compared to some people.

Housing Stuff Is Happening!

ESO Housing

ESO housing stuff, that is. Naturally. My real-world dwelling is still a crappy old apartment.

I took five days off as a birthday gift to myself. Needless to say, I’ve done nothing much productive, and spent a whole hell of a lot of time gaming. (I actually did some 3D artwork. Shh, don’t tell anyone I accomplished something!) And, wonder of wonders, I’ve started sorting out some of my housing disasters! Despite the frustrations of lag, frame drop, and miserable low frame rates brought on by the release of the latest chapter.

So. Two places got minor updates a few weeks ago that I completely forgot about until I used them for fast travel and surprised myself. Here they are, Linchal Grand Manor with its new purple-flowering trees, and Potentate’s Retreat with a big statue that has an amazingly bright light.

Stuff I actually did this weekend, as opposed to stumbling across by accident, was a whole ton of gardening. Daggerfall Overlook was a big mess up until a couple days ago. There were a couple things inside, and the big barn outside was packed with plants.

Yes, as a matter of fact, those big trees do stick right through the roof. I tossed ’em in there for storage. But they’ve all come out now, and found nice places to grow in. The inside of the house is still super empty, but I made one small improvement, something that goes along with the backstory of the family that currently owns the estate. The ancestor that earned enough money to buy the place killed a dragon, you see…

The other place to have a dramatic change was the Thieves’ Oasis. This overgrown and thoroughly awesome place is going to be a shared home base for all of my characters, at least the ones I have now. I plopped some random things in there a while back, and made, of course, a mess.

Today I used the house to travel to and discovered that I’d made an even bigger mess outside.

Once again, I dropped all the future landscaping in a big pile and ignored it. Today, encouraged by my success with the other big pile of plants, I dove right in and started planting. Then I even managed to start organizing the stuff inside.

And yes, I know. It’s downright ridiculous to plant big trees on rooftop terraces. But that’s where I want them, and that’s where they’ll stay!

There you have it, folks, the result of me finally getting organized enough to do something with my virtual houses! Who knows when they’ll be finished, but at least they’ve been properly started.

Hall of the Lunar Champion

ESO Housing

The Hall of the Lunar Champion is a big home in Elsweyr. You get it from completing the main questline for the zone. Or at least, you get part of it from the main quest. The big hall, to be exact. There are three portals, each of which is opened by a tablet, and each is obtained from quests or dungeons. The portals lead to a great big porch, an impressive courtyard, and a shed. That’s what I call it, anyway.

I have heard a ton of people complain about this house. They hate it! They complain about the size, and how stupid the portals are, and how boring it is, and… I don’t get it. Let other people hate the place. I love it! I’ll confess, the shed was a disappointment at first, but it makes a damn fine crafting area. And decorating the hall was my first real foray into housing. I’d bought Twin Arches in Bangkorai already furnished, thinking that would be plenty house for me. But the great big free house in Elsweyr showed me how truly wrong I was. It became my primary residence, and is the only large place I’ve actually finished.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like a doofus that couldn’t predict the future, I didn’t take many empty pics of the house. Why should I? I had no idea I’d become addicted to housing! I did get a couple empty shots of the Halls of Colossus, though, so you can see how bland it started before I went bonkers and turned it into an out-of-control garden and living space. There are also a couple of the Moongrave Fane space before it got filled up.

Oh, and by the way: I’m still a colossal weirdo. Despite being addicted to housing, I still and always run my game naked. Vanilla. Bare of add-ons. So no, I can’t do any of the truly spectacular things that people with add-ons do.

Confessions of an ESO Housing Addict

ESO Housing

I haven’t had much chance to play around with my houses lately. Been too busy doing everything else under the sun. (Like work. And more work. And a whole crapload more work. No, I don’t get to stay home, I’m considered essential. Damn it.) But… just about as soon as a new one came available, I lost all self-control and bought it. So much for my “no new houses until finishing the ones I’ve got” plan. Also, so much for my “only buy new house if Princely Dawnlight Palace or Colossal Aldmeri Grotto come back” plan. Both got shot straight into the crapper, because I instantly fell in love with the new Thieves’ Oasis. Not to mention they were having a sale on crowns, so I could invest half my grocery money and get a good deal.

What? You think food is better than a new in-game house? Nope. No way.

Anyway, all blathering aside, what I discovered yesterday was that I kind of screwed up my intentions for this blog. I planned to have a nice, orderly series of pictures, showing each house as it progressed from empty to homelike. But I kind of forgot to organize the screenshots. Not to mention, I haven’t done any work on any houses since… January? I think? Until this weekend, at which point I noticed the mass of disorganized pics and chaotic piles of crap all over the unfinished houses.

When the hell did I get all those plants, anyway?


Big pile o’ chaos… and plants

So. Starting afresh. I’ll plop some images down here, try to remember where they came from, and swear to organize myself better in the future. Quit laughing, you! I mean it!


Lights waiting to go into Lucky Cat Landing


Flaming dragon at Potentate’s Retreat


The balcony at Grand Psijic Villa, turning into a mage’s lair


Library at Grand Linchal Manor


And of course, kitties in the Sugar Bowl Suite!

My Houses

ESO Housing

ESO houses, that is. I still don’t have even a single house out here in the real world. At least I can pretend in the game…

I have a ton of ESO houses. Got ’em over the last year with a combination of crowns (aka real money) and in-game gold. There was one day I remember quite gleefully, when I had a huge quantity of gold for some reason, and I ran around buying at least half a dozen houses… 🙂 That was fun! But now I’m trying to furnish them all, so I’m totally broke in game, just like real life.

List of my current houses, in alphabetical order. Pics are taken from the entrance, except for one. I’m afraid there are an awful lot of images with my bear’s butt in them. He kept jumping in front of the camera.

Alinor Crest Townhouse 20200105141327_1

20200105141427_1 Autumn’s Gate

Barbed Hook Private Room 20200105141628_1 (from the windows, not the door)

20200105141719_1 Captain Margaux’s Place

Daggerfall Overlook 20200105141820_1 (And yes, the storage area is, in fact, full of trees sticking through the roof. I dropped them there to await planting.)

20200105141922_1 Enchanted Snow Globe Home

Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret 20200105142012_1

20200105142118_1 Golden Gryphon Garret

Grand Psijic Villa 20200105142335_1

20200105142453_1 Hall of the Lunar Champion

Hammerdeath Bungalow 20200105142548_1

20200105142939_1 Linchal Grand Manor

Lucky Cat Landing 20200105143526_1

20200105143652_1 Mara’s Kiss Public House

Moonmirth House 20200106101230_1

20200106101403_1 Potentate’s Retreat

Saint Delyn Penthouse 20200105144105_1

20200105143755_1 Sisters of the Sands Apartment

Sugar Bowl Suite 20200105143907_1

20200105144002_1 The Ebony Flask Inn Room

The Rosy Lion 20200105144247_1

20200105144445_1 Twin Arches

That last one was the first house I bought. My original intention was to only use the free inn room, which was the Golden Gryphon Garret for me, because I started playiong in Summerset. I bought the place furnished, because I figured I wouldn’t have much interest in ESO housing. It’s not like Skyrim, after all. You can’t do half as much.

But… it didn’t work out like that. I eventually wanted the Grand Psijic Villa so bad I broke down and bought it, then the Hall of the Lunar Champion came free with Elsweyr, and now look what happened. Houses, houses, everywhere houses!