The Vampire House That Isn’t

ESO Housing

I mentioned a bit ago that I got the Bastion Sanguinaris vampire house in ESO. Not because I like vampires, which I don’t, but because the thing is located in Blackreach. That’s right, glowing mushroom-covered Blackreach, one of my favorite places in Tamriel. It was huge, and empty, and rather gloomy, but I had a notion to turn it into a pretty and glowy place.

Well, I did. I ran around to all my other houses and scooped up pretty much every statue I could find, bought mountains of glowing plants from the luxury vendor–or at least, decent-sized anthills of them. Those things are expensive!–and decorated at high speed to get ready for a guild housing tour. Then I put many of the statues back where they came from, without remembering to take any pictures of the shiny tour version of the place. Oops!

But now I’ve got the place pretty much the way I want it, and I actually remembered to take pictures. So here they come. I’m pretty sure in the future there will be more plants, but when I tried to put more plants in, my brain froze up and couldn’t decide what went where. At the moment, though, everything is shiny, bright, and pretty, in a most un-vampiric way.

A word about the giant walkways in there: I thought it would be cool to build kind of garden paths up in the air. I put a couple of platforms on them, where I’ll eventually have chairs to sit on and look out over all the glowing things. But I discovered that I fall off them all the dang time. Even though I know it’s a game and therefor not real, the walkways still give me vertigo. Crazy, right? But true. I’m getting better at staying on the stairs and not falling off, but wow, it’s wild going out there.

And I got another house. Don’t roll your eyes at me, this one was free! Everybody with Greymoor got the Antiquarian’s Alpine Gallery. I’ll be posting pics of it sometime.

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