Another ESO House

ESO Housing

Okay, I confess: I don’t like vampires. I have never played a vampire character in an Elder Scrolls game. Every time one of my characters has accidentally gotten infected, I haul ass to find a cure.


I bought the big vampire house in ESO.

I know, out of character and all that. But I don’t care. Because the thing is in Blackreach! I’ve always loved Blackreach, and wanted to live there. Now I can. So what if the house is an overgrown vampire’s dream, it has magnificent glowing mushrooms! And the architecture, although gloomy, is pretty cool. And right after I bought it, I had a dream that showed me what to do with the thing: turn it into a big, beautiful garden, with lots of glowy things. Reality confirmed that this is the right thing to do by having the luxury furnisher offer a bunch of glowing plants this weekend. 😀

So here are pics of the empty, naked vampire house, Bastion Sanguinaris. This one will actually get worked on pretty quickly because one of my guilds is having a housing tour next weekend and I signed this place up for the tour. Deadline! Must get to work!

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