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COVER - The Seer of Ice and SkyNatsuya Uesugi has a new queer dark fantasy book out in his “The Seer of Grace and Fire” series: The Seer of Ice and Sky.

Surviving the devastation of DarkFall, Timorn is now rightful King of Faerie. With evil lurking at the fringes between the kingdoms of the humans and the elves, the dark mage Dalannin travels to Dragonreise to forge an alliance with the Dragon King.

Timorn’s travelling party sets off on request from an elven emissary but dissent grows as the party passes through the human city of Ekhrine. As they stop at the Ecclesiastical University where the cleric Kabal translated The Legend of Arden prophesy, a demonic aura haunts their path.

Can Timorn forge an alliance with the dragons to ensure peace or will darkness drive a wedge between him and his magical twin Ethesian as they journey through the elven lands. Transgender heroine.

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About the Series:

A human cleric translating an elven prophesy must bring the work to the high court at Kannon in faerie before DarkFall, the solemn anniversary when all the male faerie newborns were murdered 17 years ago. If the translation does not arrive in time, all is lost. Timorn, a 17 year old ranger travels the human towns hiring out his services. A mysterious elven woman hires him to take her to Kannon before DarkFall, and only he can lead her with his purple faerie eyes.

The evil Valkyris is amassing an army to attack Kannon at DarkFall insisting she possess the prophesy. Sending her dark mage Dalannin to infiltrate faerie, he marches his demon hordes towards Kannon and sneaks into the palace. Ethesian, the 17 year old faerie daughter of King Ailon plays the dragon lyre, a female magic. Yet recently she has started having prophetic dreams as if she were male. When a lie is revealed, Ethesian is tasked to study magic she must master before DarkFall. Will Timorn reach Kannon before the Valkyris and Ethesian master a magic she shouldn’t possess? Secrets and lies, revelations and wizardry, DarkFall is coming and so too the reluctant faerie who would be king. Learn more in the first book of the dark fantasy trilogy, The Seer of Grace and Fire.

The Seer of Grace and Fire starts the dark fantasy trilogy reviewers have called “Enthralling” and “A beacon of light for readers young and old.” The series continues with release of The Seer of Ice and Sky book 2. Book 3 The Seer of Flesh and Death will be released early 2020.


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Timorn squinted as he studied the elven emissary, Arhlamanel dressed in finery, yet his stance and mannerisms were less refined then Ihel’s. He sensed deception. His ranger skill told him the elf was concealing something about his identity,

“I am aware of dragon riders, but not of a dragon king in Arenth,” Timorn said, turning to Eanna, his mother the First Consort, for confirmation. Eanna shook her head, also unaware.

Arhlamanel nodded. “The dragons are elusive and secretive, Your Majesty. Only a few high elves dare to venture up the perilous paths into the ice mountains to entertain them. It is treacherous as the dragons carefully guard the priceless gems within their lands.”

Timorn gripped the arms of the throne, leaning forward. “At DarkFall, we saw an adult dragon. A rider in black sat atop its monstrousg form. Luckily the brunt of its power was stopped before it could let loose with abandon.”

“It is as we heard. Thus, the dragon king requests you come to Akrisia, to the mountains in the North. He has sent me as emissary, in partner with the high elves, to bring you to hear his message. A party of your choice is invited to travel along, including one named Ethesian, who is also summoned. But be warned. One who wad banished many years ago has returned and is making inquiries in the dragon lands. He goes by the name of Dalannin. There is much suspicion amoungst the elves. Do you know of him?”

Timorn gasped. If Dalannin was with the dragons, that could only mean danger. Timorn spoke authoritatively, immediately deciding based on the elf’s report. “Yes, we know Dalannin, and yes, my party and Ethesian will accompany you to Akrisia. Lady Eanna will remain and keep watchful eye on the crown.”

“Yes, my lord,” Eanna acknowledged the decree.

“You must come dressed as a ranger,” Arhlamanel added. “That is how they will know you: by your clothes, your faerie daggers, and your sword. The dragon king and his half-dragon army will join you at the dragon court, high in the mountains. The trek up the expanse is arduous and will require a full day of walking to reach once we arrive.”

“Had Dalannin already recruited dragon riders to his cause? Timorn hoped for a negative answer.

“Unknown your Excellency. I hope, for our sakes and all of Arenth he has not.”

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Deleted Scene – Ihel and Timorn at the Waterfall

The high elf, Ihel, lingered at the edge of the stream, the crashing of the waterfall where Ishika was bathing off in the distance rushing over the rocks. Ihel glanced around her sensing no danger as the party took a break from their travels.
Timorn pulled his tunic off and set it down on a rock, pulling off his boots and wading into the stream up to his waist. The water was cool as he shivered slightly, bare chest exposed, muscles rippling. He turned to face Ihel at the side of the lake splashing water on her face. Taking in the subtle curves of her tight fitting tunic which swelled over her breasts, she stood up looking over at Ethesian sitting on a rock frowning.
Ihel unbuttoned the clasps at the neck of her tunic and pulled the flap down revealing cleavage. She leaned down and splashed her neck running her wet hands up and down her arms. Timorn glanced at her eagerly feeling heat pass through his thighs as he took in her gentle moves. She caught him looking, frowning and stood up turning away quickly, fastening the clasps at her neck covering herself again.
“Your wild eyes betray you, ranger…” she scoffed chuckling.
Timorn waded closer to Ethesian as he threw water on his chiseled chest, washing off the dirt from the previous days. Their ride on the merchant’s path on their way to Ekhrine had been many days and they were still not to their destination. Timorn moved over to the side of the stream in front of Ihel who was kneeling. He slapped the water splashing her in the face. She frowned and dipped her hand in the water cupping her fingers, showering him with wet, dowsing his hair.
“Watch it, ranger…”
“Hardly,” Timorn smirked and grabbed Ihel’s wrist pulling at her.
She pulled back from him, resisting as he grabbed at her playfully.
Yanking, he jerked her and she fell into the stream, her hair and tunic wet. He dunked her down under the water, and she thrashed, shaking her short blonde hair as Timorn splashed her again.
“Now, I am all wet!” she shouted slapping the water storming over to Timorn, water up to her waist. She grabbed his shoulders shoving him into the water covering his head, holding him down. He struggled under her elven strength then burst up shaking his head, flinging wet.
He wiped his face and breathed in deep. “So that is my punishment, you drowning me?” He chuckled as she retreated to the shore throwing herself down on the jutting rocks next to Ethesian huffing her disgust, dripping wet from her ordeal.
“It is just water, Princess…” laughed Timorn as Ihel stood up, unclipped her tunic at the neck and sides and peeled it down, the short sleeves hanging at her waist revealing her lithe, body, and large breasts under a silk half shirt that clung to her subtle curves.
Timorn’s eyes widened as heat flashed through him on seeing her gentle pink unblemished flesh. He put his back to her calming down, ensuring his eyes did not betray him, trying to calm his excited flesh. He looked over at Kabal, the cleric, who was pacing at the other side of the stream.
The cleric smirked waving the young ranger over. “Best keep those eyes in your head and hands to yourself, young ranger. I see how you watch her…” Kabal’s voice a whisper.
Timorn climbed out of the stream going over to Kabal in his dripping wet leggings and picked up his tunic, sauntering up to the cleric.
“You are teasing a princess of the high elves. Ihel is rebellious in nature, her short hair confirms it. No matter how base born she plays, she bristles royal eleven decorum. She is daughter of the elven king. You best watch yourself and your actions.”
Timorn pulled on his tunic and fastened the straps on the three buckles down the front. “I am just teasing her.” Timorn smiled looking over at Ihel who was glaring at him. Timorn gulped realizing he was on her last nerve.
Ihel called out. “Cleric, a word?”
“Be right there.” Kabal planted a hand on Timorn’s shoulder and blinked, looking him straight in the eyes. “You are definitely in trouble now.”
Kabal started to walk away.
Timorn looked over at Ihel pacing back and forth fuming, her hands in fists. He grabbed Kabal’s arm, pulling him back, concerned about Ihel’s expression. “Cleric, your counsel. What do you suggest?”
“Let her win…” Kabal smirked then broke out laughing bending over, exploding in glee as he disengaged going to Ihel.
Timorn confused, lost, left to determine the ruse, himself, he watched on helpless as Kabal engaged a fuming Ihel. She turned up her nose and whirled around back to him, not taking any more of his playful words. Timorn gulped.
Ethesian crossed her arms and sneered, chiming in from her perch. “You are definitely in trouble now, brother.”

Author Bio

Natsuya Uesugi is a cybersecurity analyst with an MBA in International Management and a minor in Japanese. He is author of the science fiction grydscaen series, the yaoi novellas and manga graphic noiz and The Seer of Grace and Fire fantasy trilogy. He creates all the illustrations for his books. He enjoys skydiving, cosplay, anime and writing poetry.

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