What’s a… FIRESTORM?

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Hmm. A Firestorm. Well, a personal answer is that it was a musical suite, a seven minute long symphony I played in a long-ago honor band, written to express the horror felt by the composer when he thought about the Allied fire-bombing of Dresden in WWII. Not ’cause the composer was a Nazi sympathizer or anything crappy like that. He wrote it because of all the beautiful art, architecture, music, and history that got destroyed. The word Firestorm, and all the crazy sounds that were rolled into that tiny symphony, have stuck with me since high school.

Okay, none of you care about that, but that’s one answer to the question. The more important answer is that FIRESTORM is the title of the novel I’ve been working on forever now.

Anyone read Eternal? No? Okay, go read it now. I’ll wait a week for you to finish it.

[time passes]

Right. You’ve read it. Now we’re all on the same page. Firestorm is the sequel to Eternal. It takes up the story of Kai and Jericho a few years down the road, eight to be precise. And guess what? After working on this sucker since NaNoWriMo 2016, otherwise known as November, 2016, it’s in the final editing stage. I think I might have even committed myself to a release date. That’s 08/13/18, if you’re curious.

It’s coming. It’s coming soon.

And because I’m feeling moderately evil, I think I’ll put up the cover image. Only… it’s not the cover image. It’s just a teaser. Because I’m a moderately evil author, mwahahahahaha!


8 thoughts on “What’s a… FIRESTORM?

      1. I don’t remember whether we ever analysed this at school or not – there was a lot of WWII related music but I’m bad at names and my memory for modern classical music melodies isn’t that good =( I’m good at googling though! =)


      2. Ah, I see. Well, I sure never analyzed the piece either, but I’ve always had a WWII obsession and this stuck with me real well. It’s interesting hearing the professional recording and comparing it with the honor band recording. We were pretty damn good for a crowd of kids! 😀


      3. Everyone starts as a kid, even those who later become professionals, right? =)
        I didn’t know you are interested in WWII – have you seen any Russian movies about it, then? I recently found out that a good number of our movies were put on yotube with decent subtitles, so… =)


      4. We have a number of WWII films about submarine crews ))) One was even filmed during the war IIRC.

        Have you seen this one? It’s about women soldiers. Quite a sad story. It is based on a book which is a classic here and on the list of books you have to read in secondary school for your lit classes.

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